The National Declassification Center Releases Records Relating to Human Rights Abuses in Argentina

A Presidential Tasking from the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC) on June 13, 2016, directed various Executive branch departments and agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to search for records relating to human rights abuses committed in Argentina between January 1, 1975, and December 31, 1984, and to review responsive records for public access. In response, NARA assembled staff, including archivists from the National Declassification Center (NDC), the Presidential Libraries, and the Center for Legislative Archives to conduct this search and review. Responsive Presidential records were made available in previous releases and all identified Legislative records were already publicly available. This release represents responsive Executive Branch agency records that have been accessioned into the National Archives and have not been previously released. The NDC coordinated review of the records and prepared them for public release. Records that were released in full or in part may be accessed by using the search form below. Questions may be directed to


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Found 990 records.
Case IDRecord GroupDOCIDHMS REIDHMS EentryFromTo Document TypePagesSubject
570675933069210HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFSummary of Conclusions--Argentine PRC May 14, 1980
570675933069181HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez de Hoz
570675933069177HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum5 PDFChile and Argentina
570675933067516HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFProposal that the President Meet with Jacobo Timerman
570675933067514HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LATIN AMERICA/CARIBBEAN (Pastor)ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFEvening Report
570675933067499HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFMeeting with Admiral Massera
570675933067474HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum21 PDFStatus Report on Progress in Human Rights in Latin America
570675933065523HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LESLIE G. DENENDZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFPresident's Meeting on Human Rights Policy
570675933064673HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS P. THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez d Hoz, Argentine Economic Minister
570675933064650HS1-413915044UD-18D 5NORTH-SOUTHZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFEvening Report
570675933069218HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFArgentine PRC
570675933065286HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum11 PDFFollow-up to President Carter's Pan American Day Speech and Mrs. Carter's Trip
570675933065267HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933065264HS1-413915044UD-18D 5FERNANDO E RONDONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum5 PDFPromininent Argentine Senator Writes to thje President
570675933067500HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFMeeting with Admiral Massera
570675933067461HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum13 PDFU.S. Policy to Argentina
570675933065554HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFM-B-B Lunch--Argentina
570675933065497HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFImpact of U.S. Human Rights Policy in Latin America
570675933064687HS1-413915044UD-18D 5GLOBAL ISSUESZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFEvening Report
570675933069182HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez de Hoz
570675933069176HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum14 PDFPRC Meeting on Argentina
570675933065326HS1-413915044UD-18D 5STATEZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFPrsesidential Bilaterals: Proposed Discussion of Visits by the Inter-American Human Rights Commission
570675933065283HS1-413915044UD-18D 5JESSICA TUCHMANZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFMonthly Report on Human Rights
570675933065274HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum8 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina with routing slip
570675933065273HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT A. PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933065272HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT A. PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933065268HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933065496HS1-413915044UD-18D 5NORTH-SOUTHZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFEvening Report (Thornton) ****UNREDACTED ORIGINAL NOT SCANNED****
570675933064681HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Luigi EinaudiWilliam Luers, Frank Devine, Stephen RogMemorandum6 PDFGuidance on Southern Cone Bloc Initiatives
570675933067528HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Patricia M. DerianWilliam G. BowdlerMemorandum2 PDFArgentine Publicity Campaign/Lobbying Efforts
570675933065534HS1-413915044UD-18D 5David D. NewsomWarren ChristopherMemorandum4 PDFArgentina and Eximbank
570675933067469HS1-413915044UD-18D 5David D. NewsomWARREN CHRISTOPHERMemorandum2 PDFRailway Loan for Argentina
570675933069209HS1-413915044UD-18D 5PATRICIA M. DERIANWARREN CHRISTOPHERPaper10 PDFProposed U.S. Human Rights Strategy Toward Argentina
570675933065501HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Irving G. TragenViron VakyMemorandum3 PDFIAHRC Visit to Argentina
570675933065531HS1-413915044UD-18D 5A. Denis CliftViron VakyMemorandum5 PDFMemorandum of Conversation
570675933067480HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Mark L. SchneiderViron P. VakyMemo of Conversation4 PDFLunch, Wednesday, April 25-12:30 p.m. PARTICIPANTS: Schneider, Cerda, Huergo, Listre
570675933065552HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Petyer TarnoffVaky, Derian, Bowdler, LakeMemorandum0 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933069192HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Christine DodsonVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum11 PDFPRC on Argentina
570675933069233HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Christine DodsonVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum34 PDFPRC on Argentina,
570675933069199HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Philiip M. KlutznickVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum5 PDFPRC Meeting on Argentona: Bilateral Trade Factors that Merit Consideration
570675933069187HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Christine DodsonVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum22 PDFPRC on Argentina
570675933069174HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Christine DodsonVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECCOM, SECMemorandum13 PDFAgenda and Discussion Paper for PRC Meeting
547396532987581HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -USSSMessage34 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532987583HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -USSSMessage9 PDF109-HQ-12-201
570675933065372HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus VanceTom HarkinLetter6 PDFMeeting with New Representatives; Political Prisoners
528325932732649593170UD-07D 107MinetaToddmanLetter12 PDFRecommendations Concerning Military Assistance
570675933065409HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Johm A. BushnellThe eputy Secretary of StateMemorandum8 PDFThe Sale of Military Training to Argentina
570675933065365HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Patricia M. DerianThe Secretary of StateMemorandum3 PDFYour Trip to Argentina