The National Declassification Center Releases Records Relating to Human Rights Abuses in Argentina

A Presidential Tasking from the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC) on June 13, 2016, directed various Executive branch departments and agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to search for records relating to human rights abuses committed in Argentina between January 1, 1975, and December 31, 1984, and to review responsive records for public access. In response, NARA assembled staff, including archivists from the National Declassification Center (NDC), the Presidential Libraries, and the Center for Legislative Archives to conduct this search and review. Responsive Presidential records were made available in previous releases and all identified Legislative records were already publicly available. This release represents responsive Executive Branch agency records that have been accessioned into the National Archives and have not been previously released. The NDC coordinated review of the records and prepared them for public release. Records that were released in full or in part may be accessed by using the search form below. Questions may be directed to


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Found 990 records.
Case IDRecord GroupDOCIDHMS REIDHMS EentryFromToDocument Type PagesSubject
570675933065372HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus VanceTom HarkinLetter6 PDFMeeting with New Representatives; Political Prisoners
558106533004351HS1-282347794UD 16D 15Letter1 PDFPepsi Threat letter
558086034282128302472UD WW 5113Letter4 PDFTAB 5
529688432734679HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonHillLetter2 PDFArgentine Commission on Human Rights
558086034282017302472UD WW 5113Letter4 PDFTab 2
570675933065424HS1-413915044UD-18D 5RICARDO YOFREROBERT PASTORLetter0 PDFArgentine Human Rights (IN SPANISH)
570675933065555HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Homer MoyerChristine DodsonLetter3 PDFExports to Argentina and Yacyreta Dam
570675933065352HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Washington Office on Latin AmericaTex HarrisLetter3 PDFWOLA Concerns/Work in Latin America
540895932453425HS1-76850684UD-10D 3Secretary of DefenseCyrus R. VanceLetter2 PDF
529688432734680HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonHillLetter31 PDFLatin America Political Report
529688432734674HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonHillLetter9 PDFSulgrave
529688432734673HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonHillLetter6 PDFHuman Rights Report on Argentina
5685721833059353543659UD 08D 1Legal Document4 PDFPercy Amendment
570675933069116HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Intelligence Telegram4 PDFARGENTINA: NEW ARMY COMMANDER WILL PROVIDE CONTINUITY
570675933065520HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LAD/ORPAIntelligence Synopsis/Summary14 PDFSOUTHERN CONE PERCPTIONS OF US POLICIES
570675933065374HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Index3 PDFTHE SECRETARY'S VIIT TO SOUTH AMERICA November 20-23, 1977
5475831932987243HS1-123355591UD 12W 45Folder120 PDFUS Visit of LTG Fortunato Galtieri approved under DA VIP tour program
5475831932987242HS1-123355591UD 12W 45Folder12 PDFArgentine Army CINC Attendance at XIV CAA
540875932477443461434UD-06D 28Steve Palmer, Mr. Michael NewlinDraft16 PDFRequest for Assessment of Human Rights Situation in Argentina
570675933064706HS1-413915044UD-18D 5FERNANDO E RONDONTHE PRESIDENT, Todman, Zimmerman, DerianDraft3 PDFDraft Item for Evening Report
547396532990378HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable8 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532990251HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable5 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989193HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable2 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532987653HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable35 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532994707HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable8 PDF109-HQ-12-307
547396532990702HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable16 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989850HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable11 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989806HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable65 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532988140HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable40 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532987584HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable26 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532986735HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -DOS et alCable36 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532986665HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable4 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532986514HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -DOS et alCable15 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532986512HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -FBICable2 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989163HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable4 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532990380HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable15 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532990252HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable4 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532990057HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable4 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532990053HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable8 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989905HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable4 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989173HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable10 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989160HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable17 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989034HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable23 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532991785HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable15 PDF109-HQ-12-205
547396532990771HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable21 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989996HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable26 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989988HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -- -Cable4 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532988139HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -Cable9 PDF109-HQ-12-201