The National Declassification Center Releases Records Relating to Human Rights Abuses in Argentina

A Presidential Tasking from the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC) on June 13, 2016, directed various Executive branch departments and agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to search for records relating to human rights abuses committed in Argentina between January 1, 1975, and December 31, 1984, and to review responsive records for public access. In response, NARA assembled staff, including archivists from the National Declassification Center (NDC), the Presidential Libraries, and the Center for Legislative Archives to conduct this search and review. Responsive Presidential records were made available in previous releases and all identified Legislative records were already publicly available. This release represents responsive Executive Branch agency records that have been accessioned into the National Archives and have not been previously released. The NDC coordinated review of the records and prepared them for public release. Records that were released in full or in part may be accessed by using the search form below. Questions may be directed to


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Found 990 records.
Case IDRecord GroupDOCIDHMS REID HMS EentryFromToDocument TypePagesSubject
528325932732648593170UD-07D 107Report4 PDFARGENTINA
528325932732651593170UD-07D 107Report5 PDFArgentina
528325932732650593170UD-07D 107Report1 PDFU.S. Interests
5685721833059351543659UD 08D 1Biographic Sketches1 PDFEsteban Arpad Takacs
5685721833059352543659UD 08D 1Working Paper2 PDFKennedy - Humphrey Amendment
5685721833059354543659UD 08D 1MuskieThe PresidentMemorandum2 PDFU.S. Policy Toward Argentina
5685721833059353543659UD 08D 1Legal Document4 PDFPercy Amendment
5685221833059345526234UD 06D 11Policy Documents30 PDFU.S. Policy Toward The Americas After The Falklands
540875932477446461434UD-06D 28Telegram4 PDF...relations with the United States and the Soviet Union, human rights matters, and the Non-Aligned Movement
540875932477443461434UD-06D 28Steve Palmer, Mr. Michael NewlinDraft16 PDFRequest for Assessment of Human Rights Situation in Argentina
540875932477440461434UD-06D 28Chairman of the Interagency GroupSee Distribution ListMemorandum20 PDFInteragency Group Meeting on Argentina
528345932732758437745A1-5747OrtizBowdlerReport8 PDFLuncheon on January 17 in Honor of the Argentine Trade Mission
528345932732754437745A1-5747Telegram3 PDF3577
5484521832987998419951UD-05D3Memorandum9 PDFU.S. Military Presence in Argentina
5484521832987999419951UD-05D3Memorandum6 PDFTemporary Reduction in MIL GROUP ARGENTINA
558096034282644302491UD WW 5118Memorandum2 PDFTAB 4
558096034282640302491UD WW 5118Memorandum1 PDFTAB 3
558096034282638302491UD WW 5118Memorandum1 PDFTAB 2
558096034282646302491UD WW 5118Memorandum2 PDFTAB 5
558096034282520302491UD WW 5118Memorandum1 PDFTAB 1
558096034282652302491UD WW 5118Memorandum4 PDFTAB 8
558096034282648302491UD WW 5118Memorandum1 PDFTAB 6
558096034282650302491UD WW 5118Memorandum2 PDFTAB 7
558096034282635302491UD WW 5118Memorandum1 PDFTAB 1
558086034282431302472UD WW 5113Memorandum5 PDFTAB 14
558086034282415302472UD WW 5113Meeting6 PDFTAB 12
558086034282180302472UD WW 5113Letter2 PDFTAB 8
558086034281836302472UD WW 5113Letter2 PDFTAB 1
558086034282427302472UD WW 5113Memorandum2 PDFTAB 13
558086034282298302472UD WW 5113Memorandum4 PDFTAB 9
558086034282170302472UD WW 5113Memorandum2 PDFTAB 7
558086034282168302472UD WW 5113Letter3 PDFTAB 6
558086034282478302472UD WW 5113Memorandum3 PDFTAB 16
558086034282300302472UD WW 5113Memorandum6 PDFTAB 10
558086034282128302472UD WW 5113Letter4 PDFTAB 5
558086034282022302472UD WW 5113Memorandum4 PDFTAB 3
558086034282433302472UD WW 5113Memorandum2 PDFTAB 15
558086034282413302472UD WW 5113Memorandum3 PDFTAB 11
558086034282112302472UD WW 5113Memorandum2 PDFTAB 4
558086034282017302472UD WW 5113Letter4 PDFTab 2