The National Declassification Center Releases Records Relating to Human Rights Abuses in Argentina

A Presidential Tasking from the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC) on June 13, 2016, directed various Executive branch departments and agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to search for records relating to human rights abuses committed in Argentina between January 1, 1975, and December 31, 1984, and to review responsive records for public access. In response, NARA assembled staff, including archivists from the National Declassification Center (NDC), the Presidential Libraries, and the Center for Legislative Archives to conduct this search and review. Responsive Presidential records were made available in previous releases and all identified Legislative records were already publicly available. This release represents responsive Executive Branch agency records that have been accessioned into the National Archives and have not been previously released. The NDC coordinated review of the records and prepared them for public release. Records that were released in full or in part may be accessed by using the search form below. Questions may be directed to


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Found 990 records.
Case IDRecord GroupDOCIDHMS REIDHMS EentryFromToDocument Type PagesSubject
570675933069121HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Charles B. Salmon, Jr.Patricia DerianMemorandum8 PDFTalking Points on Argentina
570675933069259HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Zbigniew BrzezinskiTHE SECRETARY OF STATEMemorandum1 PDFU.S.-Argentine Relations
570675933069253HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LINCOLN P. BLOOMFIELDDAVID AARONMemorandum2 PDFNavy Secretary Visit to Argentina
570675933069252HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum6 PDFSoviet Relations with Southern South America
570675933069250HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LINCOLN P. BLOOMFIELDZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFU.S.-Argentine Relations
570675933069245HS1-413915044UD-18D 5PM-Reginald BartholomewThe Secretary of StateMemorandum5 PDFYour Luncheon Meeting with Secretary Brown and Dr. Brzezinski, Wednwesay, June 11th
570675933069242HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HA-Patricia M. DerianHA-William G.BowdlerMemorandum18 PDFDraft Memorandum for the President on the Results of the Inter-Agency Meeting on Argentina
570675933069240HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HA-Patricia DerianHA-Charles B. Salmon, Jr.Memorandum2 PDFAmbassadors to Argentina
570675933069239HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ARA/SC-Claus W. RuserSee DistrubutionMemorandum13 PDFResults of Inter-Agency Group Meeting
570675933069233HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Christine DodsonVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum34 PDFPRC on Argentina,
570675933069232HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HA-Stephen E. Palmer, Jr., Patrick J. FlPatricia M. DerianMemorandum8 PDFInterdepartmental Group Meeting on a 1980 Plan for Argentina, May 29, 1980
558096034282640302491UD WW 5118Memorandum1 PDFTAB 3
570675933065362HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum4 PDFEVENING REPORT
558086034282427302472UD WW 5113Memorandum2 PDFTAB 13
570675933065316HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFThe President's Interest in Argentine Human Rights Improvements
570675933065315HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFThe President's Interest in Argentine Human Rights Improvements
570675933065312HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum3 PDFEVENING REPORT
570675933065311HS1-413915044UD-18D 5William P. Steadman, Patricia M. Derian,The SecretaryMemorandum5 PDFDecision on Sale of Helicopters to Argentina
570675933065280HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Patt DerianRichard MooseMemorandum2 PDFArgentine Hill interviews
570675933065271HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT A. PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933065269HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Terence A. TodmanThe SecretaryMemorandum7 PDFThe President's Interest in Argentine Human Rights Improvements
570675933065263HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Martin PackmanJonesMemorandum4 PDFCurrent Human Rights Situation in Argentina, Nicaragua, and Uruguay
570675933064707HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Patricia M. DerianPeter TarnoffMemorandum3 PDFCover Memo for Senator Solari Yrigoywn's Letter to the President with letter
570675933065484HS1-413915044UD-18D 5DAVID AARONTHE VICE PRESIDENTMemorandum2 PDFUS-Argentine Relations: A Status Report Since your Meeting with Videla
570675933065474HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus VanceTHE VICE PRESIDENTMemorandum0 PDFMeeting with Argentine President Videla
570675933065471HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HENRY OWENTHE VIC PRESIDENTMemorandum10 PDFAllis Chalmers
570675933065467HS1-413915044UD-18D 5RICK INDERFURTHBOB PASTORMemorandum2 PDFArms Transfers and Human Rifghts in Argentina
570675933065436HS1-413915044UD-18D 5JESSICA TUCHMAN MATTHEWS, ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum12 PDFState Department Report Concerning Human Rights Policy and the IFIs
570675933065390HS1-413915044UD-18D 5E. O. JonesR. Titus, T. Borek, F. Rondon, C. FinanMemorandum8 PDFArgentine Military Assistance
570675933067498HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum4 PDFEVENING REPORT
570675933067481HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum5 PDFArgentinian Human Rights
570675933067466HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus VanceTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum5 PDFEvening Report
570675933067465HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKITHE SECRETARY OF STATEMemorandum9 PDFU.S. Policy to Argentina
570675933067462HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFU.S. Policy to Argentina
570675933067452HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LATIN AMERICA/CARIBBEAN (Pastor)ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFEvening Report
570675933065556HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Reginald BartholomewThe Secretary of StateMemorandum4 PDFYour Meeting with Secretary Brown and Dr. Brzezinski, October 30, 1980
570675933065534HS1-413915044UD-18D 5David D. NewsomWarren ChristopherMemorandum4 PDFArgentina and Eximbank
570675933065504HS1-413915044UD-18D 5JESSICA TUCHMAN MATTHEWSZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFRegional Human Rights Assessment
570675933064683HS1-413915044UD-18D 5GLOBAL ISSUESZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFEvening Report
570675933064681HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Luigi EinaudiWilliam Luers, Frank Devine, Stephen RogMemorandum6 PDFGuidance on Southern Cone Bloc Initiatives
570675933064678HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKISECRETARIES OF STATE, TREASURYMemorandum2 PDFMeeting with Martinez d Hoz, Argentine Economic Minister
570675933064675HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS P. THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez d Hoz, Argentine Economic Minister
570675933064674HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS P. THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez d Hoz, Argentine Economic Minister
570675933064652HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus VanceTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum4 PDFEVENING REPORT
540895932453436HS1-76850684UD-10D 3Mark L. SchneiderMr. David NewsomMemorandum2 PDFArgentina
540885932451970HS1-76850586UD-10D 1Warren ChristopherZbigniew BrzezinskiMemorandum9 PDFThe President's Interest in Argentine Human Rights Improvements
529688432734690HS1-187628901UD-14D17MChaplinThe AmbassadorMemorandum2 PDFViews on the Secretary's Visit to Argentina
528295932731893606630UD-07D 147DerianSecretaryMemorandum7 PDFU.S. Contribution to the International Committee of the Red Cross's Programs of Assistance to Argentine Refugees and Detainees