The National Declassification Center Releases Records Relating to Human Rights Abuses in Argentina

A Presidential Tasking from the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC) on June 13, 2016, directed various Executive branch departments and agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to search for records relating to human rights abuses committed in Argentina between January 1, 1975, and December 31, 1984, and to review responsive records for public access. In response, NARA assembled staff, including archivists from the National Declassification Center (NDC), the Presidential Libraries, and the Center for Legislative Archives to conduct this search and review. Responsive Presidential records were made available in previous releases and all identified Legislative records were already publicly available. This release represents responsive Executive Branch agency records that have been accessioned into the National Archives and have not been previously released. The NDC coordinated review of the records and prepared them for public release. Records that were released in full or in part may be accessed by using the search form below. Questions may be directed to


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Found 990 records.
Case IDRecord GroupDOCIDHMS REIDHMS EentryFromToDocument Type PagesSubject
570675933069221HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Patricia M. DerianThe Secretary of StateMemorandum3 PDFHigh Priority Items
570675933069246HS1-413915044UD-18D 5PM-Reginald BartholomewThe Secretary of StateMemorandum5 PDFYour Luncheon Meeting with Secretary Brown and Dr. Brzezinski, Wednwesay, June 11th
570675933069249HS1-413915044UD-18D 5David A.PabstRECORDMemorandum6 PDFMBB Readout for June 11th Meeting
570675933069251HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HA-Patricia M. DerianHA-Steve PalmerMemorandum2 PDFTrip to Argentina
570675933069302HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Edmund S. MuskieTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum3 PDFU.S. Policy Toward Argentina
570675933069303HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Luigi R. EinaudiSEE DISTRIBUTIONMemorandum3 PDFReport on ARA/NSC-IG Meeting on Argentina
570675933069305HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HA-R. CohenEaton, Jaramillo, Service, Whitman, MarsMemorandum2 PDFNobel Peace Laureate Perez Esquivel
570675933069307HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Luigi R. EinaudiSEE DISTRIBUTIONMemorandum15 PDFInteragency Group Meeting on Argentina
570675933069312HS1-413915044UD-18D 5PM-Reginald BartholomewThe Secretary of StateMemorandum3 PDFYour Luncheon with Secretary Brown and Dr. Brzezinski, November 19
570675933069314HS1-413915044UD-18D 5William G. Bowdler and Patricia DerianThe Secretary of StateMemorandum8 PDFRequest for Mwwting by the Secretary with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Perez Esquivel
570675933069315HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Edmund S. MuskieTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum5 PDFEVENING REPORT
570675933069317HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIDAVIF AARON, LES DENENDMemorandum3 PDFM-B-B Decisions
570675933069318HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Edmuind S. MuskieTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum3 PDFEVENING REPORT
570675933064608HS1-413915044UD-18D 5C. Arthur BorgBrent ScowcroftMemorandum16 PDFHuman Rights Statements on Argentina, Haiti, and Peru
570675933064646HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus VanceALL ASSISTANT SECRETARIESMemorandum2 PDFHUMAN RIGHTS
570675933064650HS1-413915044UD-18D 5NORTH-SOUTHZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum2 PDFEvening Report
570675933064654HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Mark L. SchneiderPatt DerianMemorandum5 PDFArgentina Study Mission on Human Rights
570675933064673HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS P. THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez d Hoz, Argentine Economic Minister
570675933064691HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Warren ChristopherTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum4 PDFEvening Report
570675933065384HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Terence A. TodmanThe Secretary of StateMemorandum2 PDFArgentina: The Timerman Case
570675933065423HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Anthony LakeThe Deputy Secretary of StateMemorandum3 PDFArgentine Human Rights Strategy
570675933065429HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Cyrus Vance, Warren ChristopherTHE PRESIDENTMemorandum11 PDFLetter from Congressional Group That Recently Visited Latin America
570675933065466HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Vaky, Hormats, DerianThe Deputy Secretary of StateMemorandum7 PDFLicenses for the Export of Certain Items to Argentina
570675933065501HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Irving G. TragenViron VakyMemorandum3 PDFIAHRC Visit to Argentina
570675933065502HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Rick InderfurthDavid AAronMemorandum1 PDFHuman Rights Memoranda
570675933065523HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LESLIE G. DENENDZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum4 PDFPresident's Meeting on Human Rights Policy
570675933065552HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Petyer TarnoffVaky, Derian, Bowdler, LakeMemorandum0 PDFHuman Rights in Argentina
570675933065553HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Richard FeinbergAnthony LakeMemorandum3 PDFArgentine Human Rights
570675933067474HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum21 PDFStatus Report on Progress in Human Rights in Latin America
570675933067499HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFMeeting with Admiral Massera
570675933067508HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Irving G. Tragenmbassador McGeeMemorandum3 PDFIAHRC Visit to Argentina
570675933067514HS1-413915044UD-18D 5LATIN AMERICA/CARIBBEAN (Pastor)ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFEvening Report
570675933067516HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Peter TarnoffZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFProposal that the President Meet with Jacobo Timerman
570675933067517HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ROBERT PASTORZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI/DAVID AARONMemorandum2 PDFProposal that the President Meet with Jacobo Timerman
570675933069123HS1-413915044UD-18D 5President Jorge Rafael VidelaThe Secretary of StateMemorandum9 PDFINVASION OF AFGHANISTAN
570675933069131HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ARA-John A. BushnellThe Secretary of StateMemorandum5 PDFYour Meeting with General Andrew J. Goodpaster, USA, January 22, 1980, at 3:00 P.M.
570675933069155HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZINIE BRZEZINSKIMemorandum6 PDFChile and Argentina
570675933069166HS1-413915044UD-18D 5HA-HR-Patrick J. FloodHA-Patricia DerianMemorandum6 PDFDevelopments inU.S. Policy Toward Argentina
570675933069177HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum5 PDFChile and Argentina
570675933069181HS1-413915044UD-18D 5THOMAS THORNTONZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKIMemorandum3 PDFYour Meeting with Martinez de Hoz
570675933069187HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Christine DodsonVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum22 PDFPRC on Argentina
570675933069193HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ARA-William G. Bowdler, S/P-Anthony LakeThe Acting Secretary of StateMemorandum13 PDFPRC Meeting on Argentina
570675933069194HS1-413915044UD-18D 5ARA-William G. Bowdler, S/P-Anthony LakeThe Acting Secretary of StateMemorandum5 PDFPRC Meeting on Argentina
570675933069199HS1-413915044UD-18D 5Philiip M. KlutznickVP, SECSTATE, SECDEF, SECAG, SECDOE, ACDMemorandum5 PDFPRC Meeting on Argentona: Bilateral Trade Factors that Merit Consideration
547396532986704HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -Director, FBIMemorandum24 PDF109-HQ-12-201
547396532989075HS1-282347794UD 16D 15- -Director USSSMemorandum26 PDF109-HQ-12-201
570495933064112HS1-76936014UD 10D 8PalmerLefeverMemorandum8 PDFBonker Subcommittee Hearing on 1980 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, March 12