The National Declassification Center Releases Records Relating to Human Rights Abuses in Argentina

A Presidential Tasking from the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council (NSC) on June 13, 2016, directed various Executive branch departments and agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), to search for records relating to human rights abuses committed in Argentina between January 1, 1975, and December 31, 1984, and to review responsive records for public access. In response, NARA assembled staff, including archivists from the National Declassification Center (NDC), the Presidential Libraries, and the Center for Legislative Archives to conduct this search and review. Responsive Presidential records were made available in previous releases and all identified Legislative records were already publicly available. This release represents responsive Executive Branch agency records that have been accessioned into the National Archives and have not been previously released. The NDC coordinated review of the records and prepared them for public release. Records that were released in full or in part may be accessed by using the search form below. Questions may be directed to


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Found 990 records.
Case IDRecord Group DOCIDHMS REIDHMS EentryFromToDocument TypePagesSubject
5475831932987243HS1-123355591UD 12W 45Folder120 PDFUS Visit of LTG Fortunato Galtieri approved under DA VIP tour program
5475831932987242HS1-123355591UD 12W 45Folder12 PDFArgentine Army CINC Attendance at XIV CAA
5296630632734406HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDC Telegram3 PDFW/W Jeanette Gaido
5296630632734542HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram58 PDFRepeated Threats to Chrysler Corp. Personnel
5296630632734409HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram5 PDFDeath Toll Mounts in Anti-Terrorist War
5296630632734413HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram3 PDFSecurity Conditions in Argentina: Advice for Visiting Students
5296630632734412HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY QUITOSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram2 PDFBomb Attacks Against Local Political Leader and Argentine Diplomat
5296630632734410HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram10 PDFERP Commandeers TV Station, Broadcast Statement
5296630632734408HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram2 PDFViolations of Diplomatic Immunity
5296630632734411HS1-187617244UD-14W9AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram4 PDFAttack on Swedish Diplomat's Wife
5484521832987998419951UD-05D3Memorandum9 PDFU.S. Military Presence in Argentina
5685721833059351543659UD 08D 1Biographic Sketches1 PDFEsteban Arpad Takacs
5685721833059352543659UD 08D 1Working Paper2 PDFKennedy - Humphrey Amendment
5685721833059354543659UD 08D 1MuskieThe PresidentMemorandum2 PDFU.S. Policy Toward Argentina
5685721833059353543659UD 08D 1Legal Document4 PDFPercy Amendment
5484521832987999419951UD-05D3Memorandum6 PDFTemporary Reduction in MIL GROUP ARGENTINA
5685221833059345526234UD 06D 11Policy Documents30 PDFU.S. Policy Toward The Americas After The Falklands
547558432455646HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Amembassy BUENOS AIRESSecstate WASHDCTelegram3 PDFThe Future Role of Armed Forces in Argentina
529688432735134HS1-187628901UD-14D17AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESSecState WASHDCTelegram4 PDFSenator Helms Talks to President Videla
529688432734690HS1-187628901UD-14D17MChaplinThe AmbassadorMemorandum2 PDFViews on the Secretary's Visit to Argentina
529688432734689HS1-187628901UD-14D17Amembassy BUENOS AIRESTelegram7 PDFMrs. Peron Versus the Military
529688432734687HS1-187628901UD-14D17Ambassador, DCM, USMILGP/COL RUSSELLMemo of Conversation2 PDFMinister of Defense Brigadier Mayor (Major General), Retired, Jose Maria Klix
529688432734682HS1-187628901UD-14D17AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESTelegram9 PDFLabor Minister Discusses Trade Union Reorganization Plans
529688432734677HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonThayerLetter9 PDFLetter of February 11
547558432455645HS1-79813475UD-10D 22AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESSecState WashDCTelegram2 PDFTensions in Armed Forces
547558432455642HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Amembassy Buenos AiresSecState WashDCTelegram2 PDFTerrorist Activities on the Upswing
547558432455639HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Burnos AiresSecstate WASHDCTelegram4 PDFKidnapping of US Official
547558432455636HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Amembassy SantiagoSecState WashDCTelegram1 PDFVisit of Argentine Foreign Minister
529688432735135HS1-187628901UD-14D17AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESSecState WASHDCTelegram2 PDFRequest for Instructions
529688432735130HS1-187628901UD-14D17AMEMBASSY BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram252 PDFPresident Videla's First Anniversary Address
529688432734691HS1-187628901UD-14D17Amembassy BUENOS AIRESSecState WASHDCTelegram2 PDFSecretary's Visit - Possible Items to Raise
529688432734678HS1-187628901UD-14D17LuersThe Deputy SecretaryMemorandum7 PDFYour Meeting with Argentine Charge Prat Guy
529688432734676HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonHillLetter10 PDFWorthwhile Visit
529678432734612HS1-148714898UD-13W-2CrossFalzoneMemorandum45 PDFStaff Meeting, Monday, August 4, 1980
547558432455649HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Amembassy Buenos AiresSecState WashDCTelegram7 PDFAAA Wasrning to Pepsico Executive
547558432455648HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Amembassy BUENOS AIRESSecstate WASHDCTelegram2 PDFTerrorists Kill Five Policemen and Attack Chrysler Plant
529688432735140HS1-187628901UD-14D17HitchcockMemorandum104 PDFLetter from Amconsul Cordoba
529688432735138HS1-187628901UD-14D17News Article/Clippings131 PDFConsul sent Plea for help before execution
529688432734686HS1-187628901UD-14D17Ambassador, STATE, ARA/APUMemo of Conversation7 PDFPresident (Lieutentant General Jorge Rafael Videla)
529688432734672HS1-187628901UD-14D17Amembassy BUENOS AIRESTelegram8 PDFCGT SecGen Casildo Herreras
547558432455873HS1-79813475UD-10D 22SecState WashDCAll American Republic Diplomatic PostsTelegram8 PDFSouth America: Southern Cone Security Practices
547558432455742HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Department of StateAmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESAirgram3 PDFHuman Rights Violations in Argentina
547558432455637HS1-79813475UD-10D 22Amembassy BUENOS AIRESSecstate WASHDCTelegram2 PDFSuccess Claimed for Army in Tucuman
529688432735139HS1-187628901UD-14D17Teletype81 PDF
529688432735137HS1-187628901UD-14D17AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESSecState WASHDCTelegram7 PDFCoup in Argentina: Sitrep No. 9
529688432735136HS1-187628901UD-14D17AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESSECSTATE WASHDCTelegram2 PDFW/W Dennis Circo
529688432734685HS1-187628901UD-14D17AmEmbassy BUENOS AIRESTelegram6 PDFCordoba Seminarians
529688432734679HS1-187628901UD-14D17RondonHillLetter2 PDFArgentine Commission on Human Rights