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Maintained navy yards, naval stations, naval bases, naval air installations, and other types of shore establishments that performed services for the fleet.

7th Naval District Intelligence Organization

Intelligence Organization

December 23, 1942

The 7th Naval District Intelligence Organization was divided into five zones for command and control. Each zone consisted...

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Report on the Sinking of U-128

Sinking of the U-128

May 17, 1943

On May 17, 1943 U.S. Naval aircraft sank the German submarine U-128 off the coast of Recife, Brazil. The U.S.S. Moffett rescued...

Tags: Florida | Foreign Countries | Submarine Combat | World War II
Robots Attack

Robots Attack

January 8, 1945

Worried about the threat from German V2 rockets on New York and Washington DC, Admiral Ingram warned of buzz bombs...

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African American Waves

African American WAVES

December 7, 1944

During World War II, thousands of women entered the U.S. Naval Reserve through the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)...

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Communist Symbols

Communist Symbols

July 7, 1942

This document is a Navy memo warning officers to be watchful for symbols on ships used by communists to communicate with each othe...

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Propaganda and Espionage

Propaganda & Espionage

April 16, 1942

This document is a Navy memo warning personnel to be aware of communist attempts to infiltrate the armed forces and labor unions who might...

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