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Gadsden Ordnance Plant Workers

Gadsden Ordnance Plant

ca. 1942

Two workers at the Gadsden Ordnance Plant manufacture artillery shells...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | Ammunition | Ordnance Facilities |
World War II
Newspaper Editorial

Newspaper Editorial


This editorial in a Mobile, Alabama newspaper documents the race riot at the Alabama Dry Dock and Ship Building Plant in May 1943...

Tags: Alabama | Race Relations | World War II
Steam Engine Maintenance

Steam Engine Maintenance

ca. 1944

Workers at the Montgomery Holding and Reconsignment Point perform maintenance on a U.S. Marine Corps steam engine...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Dr. Wernher von Braun

Dr. Wernher von Braun


Dr. Wernher Von Braun, who worked at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama...

Tags: Baseball | Alabama
Strategic War Materials

Strategic War Materials

June 4, 1940

TVA General Manager Gordon R. Clapp asked his Chemical Engineering Department to provide an analysis of the various commodities...

Tags: Alabama | World War II
Army –  Navy "E" Award for Nitrate Plant #2

Army-Navy "E" Award

March-April 1943

In a ceremony on April 7, 1943, Nitrate Plant #2 was presented the Army – Navy "E" Award from Under Secretary of War Robert Patterson...

Tags: Alabama | Industry | World War II
Oral History Interview of Geraldine R. Byrd

Oral History Interview

September 16, 1992

Decades later, the TVA interviewed former workers from the World War II years and maintained the transcripts. One of the interviewees...

Tags: Alabama | Labor | World War II
Florence, AL Civic Center

Florence, AL Civic Center

March 2, 1945

This sketch was drawn as part of a visual aid during a study of the town of Florence, Alabama...

Tags: Alabama | City Planning | Map
Widows Creek

Widows Creek

October 15, 1952

With swiftness uncommon by today's standards, Congress appropriated funds for the Widows Creek Steam Plant on March 28, 1950...

Tags: Alabama | Electricity

Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

August 31, 1982

While this photo was taken over thirty years ago, construction on Bellefonte Nuclear Plant still has never been completed due...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power