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Browns Ferry AV

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

October 3, 1969

Construction began on Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in 1966, and when completed in 1974, it was the largest nuclear plant in the world...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power
Browns Ferry

Outstanding Engineering

October 3, 1969

This image of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant was featured in the National Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Awards publication...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power

Biggest Nuclear Plant

ca. 1971

This article, published in The Timken Company's magazine, boasts of Timken's contributions to the construction of Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power
Cherokee Electric Co-op

cherokeE Electric Co-op

ca. 1945

This group of men paused from their daily work routine to pose for this image for the Cherokee Electric Co-Op, located in Centre, Alabama...

Tags: Alabama | Electricity

Electric Iron

ca. 1940s

A dad in Hartselle, Alabama shows his children how to use the electric iron...

Tags: Alabama | Electricity
Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam

ca. 1943

Originally constructed to power two nitrate plants that manufactured explosives, Wilson dam was completed in 1924. TVA acquired the dam...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction

guntersville DAm

March 22, 1940

In 1939 this hydroelectric dam began providing power to the residents of Marshall County, Alabama and surrounding areas. It also created...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Wheeler Dam

Wheeler DAm

February 22, 1943

The Wheeler project was the first main-river dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority, and one of the few visited by President Franklin...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
1941 Malaria Survey

Malaria Survey

March 10, 1942

This map shows the results of the Malaria Control Program's survey for malaria in the Guntersville Reservoir region...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention | Map
Malaria Control Program

Malaria Control Photos


These photographs show various aspects of the Malaria Control Program, such as collection of mosquitoes, analysis of the specimens...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention