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Biology Section Report

Biology Section annual Report

August 4, 1944

This report from the Biology Section of the TVA describes its activities and research with the malaria control program...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Malaria and Its Control in the TN Valley

Malaria in the TN Valley

March 1942

This report published by the TVA provides citizens with information on how to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and reduce the spread of malaria...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Malaria: The Story of an Individual Problem and a Community Problem

Malaria: Two Problems


This report published by the TVA documents the various loci of malaria outbreaks and measures taken by communities and TVA...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Erosion Control Work

Erosion Control Work


These photographs taken in Alabama in 1934 reveal some of the terracing techniques used by CCC workers to control erosion...

Tags: Alabama | Erosion | Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Wilsom Dam Construction Photos

Wilson Dam Construction


President Woodrow Wilson authorized the construction of Wilson Dam near Muscle Shoals, Alabama during World War I to help power nitrate plants...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Photos

August 1937-April 1939

These panoramic photographs show the construction and surrounding areas of the Norris, Chickamauga, Guntersville, Kentucky, and ...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction | Kentucky | Tennessee
Guntersville Photos

Guntersville Photos

July 1937-September 1939

The Tennessee Valley Authority chronicled its overall project progress through photographs. These depict the construction of...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Work and Play

Working, Playing, Learning

December 1938 - April 1949

TVA photographers took over 500,000 photographs of the impact of TVA construction on people and landscapes...

Tags: Alabama | Georgia | Tennessee
Peonage in Alabama


May 1903

Peonage became a way of life in the South soon after the Civil War, with thousands of freedmen and poor whites...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama
Travesty Upon Justice

"Travesty Upon Justice..."

May 1903

Although they did not want their names brought up in any investigations of civil rights violations, some Southerners...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama