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Investigation of Electricians

Investigation of electricians

August 19, 1944

Written by a manager for Roane-Anderson at Oak Ridge, this report concerns insubordinate electricians and a supervisor's attempt...

Tags: Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Certificate of Availability Process

Certificate of Availability

November 1944

Originally denied in September and October 1944, Sam Garwood was finally granted his release from the Charleston Navy Yard...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | South Carolina | World War II
Press Release Concerning the American Federation of Labor and Black Carpenters

AFL and Black Carpenters

January 15, 1943

This press release, dated January 15, 1943, announces that the Southern Representative of the American Federation of Labor...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Labor | World War II
Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters

ca. 1943

During the war, strikes by coal miners threatened the nation's wartime production which led to some mines being taken over and run...

Tags: Labor | Propaganda | World War II
Oral History Interview of Geraldine R. Byrd

Oral History Interview

September 16, 1992

Decades later, the TVA interviewed former workers from the World War II years and maintained the transcripts. One of the interviewees...

Tags: Alabama | Labor | World War II
Tennessee Valley Labor Pool

Tennessee Valley Labor

May7-16, 1942

Already involved in power generation, agriculture, dam construction, malaria eradication, munitions manufacture, and other war-related tasks...

Tags: Labor | Tennessee | Washington D.C. | World War II
Labor Unions

Labor Unions

ca. 1919

These documents are contained in the penitentiary case file for Isaac Coldwell. Coldwell was convicted of violating the Oleomargerine Act from 1886...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Communism | Illinois | Georgia | Labor
Social War Bulletin

SOcial War Bulletin

ca. 1919

This communist newspaper contains several pieces on specific communist victories, such as the Russian Revolution. The paper also contains...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Communism | Illinois | Georgia | Labor