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Module 1: History and Mission of NARA
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Introduction to NARA
d An image of Archives I facility in Washington DC appears on the screen. Four photos showing NARA employees in different situations animate onto the screen. First shows a student; second one is an employee printing documents, third shows an employee retrieving records and the fourth shows a NARA employee arranging records in trays. Four folder icons fly out from this image. The first one is labeled textual and shows documents, the second one is labeled photos and shows a camera, the third one is labeled audio/visual and shows a microphone and a movie clapper, and the fourth is labeled other media and shows a CD-ROM.

NARA identifies, preserves, protects, and makes available the historical records of our Federal Government, whether in textual, photographic, audiovisual, electronic, or other formats. NARA also provides guidance to Federal agencies so they can properly manage the records they create. Through museum, outreach, and education programs, NARA seeks to enhance civic literacy. In addition, NARA publishes regulatory documents, sets policy for classified materials, and supports the publication of nationally significant historical records. All these functions preserve the documentary heritage of our country, document the rights of American citizens, and provide accountability in a democracy. Every NARA employee assists in these efforts, and we welcome you as part of the NARA team, working to accomplish these important tasks.

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