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Module 1: History and Mission of NARA
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NARA's Charter for Change: The Six Pillars of Transformation

NARA staff, volunteers and contractors work together to provide the quality service our customers deserve.  To support this effort, (Staff Link) The Charter for Change: Charting the Course document was created and identifies six key transformational pillars and outcomes. Review the document to learn more.   

  1. One NARA: Work as one NARA and not just as component parts.
  2. Out in Front: Embrace the primacy of electronic information in all facets of our work and position NARA to lead accordingly.
  3. An Agency of Leaders: Foster a culture of leadership, not just as a position but as the way we all conduct our work.
  4. A Great Place to Work: Transform NARA into a great place to work through trust and empowerment of all of our people, the agency's most vital resource.
  5. A Customer-Driven Organization: Create structures and processes to allow our staff to more effectively meet the needs of our customers.
  6. An Open NARA: Open our organizational boundaries to learn from others.
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