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Module 3: Managing Our Government's Information
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Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries,
and Museum Services: Presidential
Libraries (Continued)
d Five images illustrating the holdings at the Presidential Libraries appear on the screen one after another. The first one shows an open manuscript labeled ‘More than 400 million textual materials’, second one shows a collage of photographs labeled ‘More than 7 million photographs’, third one shows part of a film roll labeled ‘More than 14.5 million feet of motion picture film’, fourth one shows audiotapes labeled ‘More than 83,000 hours of disk, audiotape, and videotape recordings’, and the fifth one shows an ancient statue labeled ‘more than 475,000 museum objects.’

Presidential Libraries are important research facilities, and the museums continue to create sophisticated and popular exhibits. As each Presidential administration leaves office, the size of Library holdings increases exponentially.

Each Presidential Library offers onsite reference service in their research rooms, (Public Link) online reference service through their websites and traditional reference service through e-mail, telephone and U.S. mail. Through these mechanisms, Presidential Libraries serve researchers and visitors from all walks of life. They provide guides, lists of holdings, finding aids, access to primary resources, and copies of those resources through use of photocopiers, digital cameras, and digitized scans available online.

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