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Module 3: Managing Our Government's Information
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Definition and Categories of Holdings
d Three buttons labeled people, places, and events. These buttons can be selected to show the corresponding holdings examples. People holdings include census schedules, immigration records, and military service. Places holdings include national parks, diplomatic posts, and Indian reservations. Events holdings include court records, military after-action reports, investigative files, and weather reports.

As an agency, we are involved in the preservation and access stages of the records lifecycle, because these are the stages in which our responsibility for the records is greatest. The records become our holdings, our responsibility. "Holdings" are records which NARA possesses, legally and physically. When a Federal agency signs over its ownership of records to NARA, that is called "accessioning." Our holdings reflect our entire history as a nation and include information about people, places, and events.  Select each category to see some examples.

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