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Module 3: Managing Our Government's Information
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Affiliated Archives

This program offers an alternative to the usual physical transfer of permanent historical records into a NARA facility from the agency that created the original documents; instead of the transfer, this program permits the records to be maintained and made available to the public at a non-NARA facility by non-NARA staff.

The Archivist of the United States is authorized to establish affiliated archives under the provisions of 44 USC 2107. Applicants for affiliation with NARA may be other Federal agencies or State and private institutions.

The process of affiliation is usually initiated by the applicant and begins with the submission of a formal application to the Archivist. There follows a period of internal NARA review and discussion and then negotiations with the applicant. If the request is approved, the Archivist places on deposit the permanent Federal records, which have been previously accessioned into the National Archives of the United States, at the designated non-NARA facility. As a result of this transaction, the affiliated archives receives physical custody of the records, while NARA retains legal custody and, along with it, ultimate responsibility for them.

For more information, see (Public Link) Affiliated Archives.

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