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Module 6: Resources
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Note: The following list of resources is organized in the order of their appearance in the course.

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Module 1: History of NARA

  1. American State Papers (Public Link)
  2. National Archives Act (Public Link)
  3. Federal Register Act (Public Link)
  4. Federal Records Act (Public Link)
  5. Presidential Records Act (Public Link)
  6. NARA Basic Laws and Authorities (Public Link)
  7. A Charter for Change: Charting the Course (NARA Staff Link)
  8. Strategic Plan (Public Link)


Module 2: NARA Organizations and Its Facilities 

  1. NARA's Locations (Public Link)
  2. Office of the Archivist (Public Link)
  3. Deputy Archivist (Public Link)
  4. Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
  5. Equal Employment Opportunity (NEEO)
  6. National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC)
  7. General Counsel (NGC)
  8. Congressional Affairs Staff (NCON)
  9. Strategy and Communications Office (S)
  10. Human Capital Office (H) 
  11. The Federal Register (F)
  12. Agency Services (A)
  13. Research Services (R)
  14. Legislative Archives, Presidential Libraries, and Museum Services (L) 
  15. Information Services (I)
  16. Business Support Services (B)
  17. Safety and Security

 Module 3: Managing Our Government's Information

  1. NARA Records Schedule (NARA Staff Link)
  2. Internal NARA Records Management (NARA Staff Link)
  3. Federal Register (Public Link)
  4. Executive Order 12958 (Public Link)
  5. Executive Order 12829 (Public Link)
  6. Standard form 312 briefing booklet (Public Link)
  7. AISOO Reports (Public Link)
  8. Director of AISOO (Public Link)
  9. Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (Public Link)
  10. Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB) (Public Link)
  11. Presidential Record (Public Link)
  12. Online Reference Service (Public Link)
  13. Article on FRCs in the Prologue Magazine (Public Link)
  14. ARCIS (Public Link)
  15. FRC Facilities and Services video (Public Link) 
  16. FRC website (Public Link)
  17. National Records Management Program (ACN) (NARA Staff Link) 
  18. Office of the Inspector General (OIG)website (Public Link)
  19. NARA Notice 2011-003 (NARA Staff Link)
  20. Holdings Protection
  21. Affiliated Archives

Module 4: Our Customers Matter

  1. NARA's Publications Website (Public Link)
  2. Online Catalog (Public Link)
  3. Access to Archival Databases (AAD) (Public Link)
  4. Electronic Records Archives (ERA) (Public Link)
  5. Online Public Access (Public Link)
  6. Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States (Public Link)
  7. Regulations for Using the National Archives (Public Link)
  8. Strategy for Digitizing Archival Materials (Public Link)
  9. Digitization at NARA (Public Link)
  10. Freedom of Information Act (Public Link)
  11. Office of Government Information Services (AOGIS) (Public Link)
  12. National Archives and Records Administration Freedom of Information Act Reference Guide (Public Link)
  13. Executive Order 13526
  14. National Declassification Center (ANDC) (Public Link)
  15. ANDC Blog (Public Link)
  16. Online Reference Service (Public Link)
  17. Veterans and their Families (Public Link)
  18. Court Records Research (Public Link)
  19. Public Inspection Desk (Public Link)
  20. Daily Table of Contents Listserv (Public Link)
  21. The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (Public Link)
  22. Executive Orders (Public Link)
  23. Public Laws Notification Service (Public Link)
  24. Electoral College (Public Link)
  25. Programs in the Washington DC area (Public Link)
  26. Genealogy Workshops in the Regions (Public Link)
  27. Presidential Libraries Podcasts (Public Link)
  28. Presidential Libraries Online Forums (Public Link)
  29. The National Archives Experience (Public Link)
  30. Online exhibits (Public Link)
  31. Museum Exhibits (Public Link)
  32. The Renovated Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom (Public Link) http://www/
  33. The William G. McGowan Theater (Public Link)
  34. The Boeing Learning Center (Public Link)
  35. Discovering the Civil War (Public Link)
  36. The award-winning Public Vaults (Public Link)
  37. The Lawrence F. O'Brien Gallery (Public Link)
  38. The Digital Vaults (Public Link)
  39. The National Archives Shop (Public Link)
  40. NARA 121 Directive (NARA Staff Link)
  41. National Archives Foundation (Public Link)  
  42. Educational Outreach Programs (Public Link)
  43. Educators and Students (Public Link)
  44. Resources for Teaching (Public Link)
  45. NARA National History Day (Public Link)
  46. National Archives Events (Public Link)

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