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Course Credits

Developed by:
National Archives and Records Administration
C2 Technologies, Inc.


Dan Law, NW
Mary Drak, NPOL
John Badilla
Doris McMillon

Special thanks to:
David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States (Acting)

Marilyn Mundy, NAO
Mike Fitzgerald, NAO
Shelby DeRieux, NAO
Michael O'Bryant, NAO
Charlotte Sass, NAO
Susan Cummings, NWM
Elizabeth Philpott, NWM
Laura McCarthy, NPOL
Sharon Thibodeau, NW
Mary Rephlo, NWC
Jennifer Nelson, NR
Dave Weber, NRBR
Susan Donnius, NL
Dennis LeBeck, NL
Mary Knill, NL
Jim Hemphill, NF
William Carpenter, ISOO
Rita Cacas, NHE
Marjorie Bennett, NHP
Michael Lingenfelter, NPOL
Debbie Anderson, NHTW
Richard Marcus, NHR
Wilda Logan, NWML
Michael Hussey, NWE
Constance Potter, NWCC1
John Deeben, NWCC1
Neil Carmichael, NWMD
Jeff Reed, NWTS
Earl McDonald, NWTS
Suzanne Isaacs, NWE
Christine Scarborough, NAF
Michael Abarca, AV
Jeff Schmidt, AV
Michael Holllingsworth, AV

and to the many NARA subject matter experts
who generously contributed their time and expertise.

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