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True Stories

Proof of name change, monetary compensation
Archivist helps a Nazi victim obtain compensation from the German Government
Letter from Irene Ost
September 7th, 2007

On September 7th, 2007, Irene Ost wrote a thank you letter to Robert G. Richards, an archivist of the National Archives, southern region. Ms. Ost writes:

Irene Ost

To:  Mr. Robert G. Richards September 7, 2007
       National Archives, Southern Region

Re: Thank you note.

Dear Mr. Richards:

    In November 2006, I sent the letter to the National Archives seeking assistance in proving of my name.

    I needed verification that I have changed my name from Irina Ostroborodina to Irene Ost in the process of Naturalization in 1986. That document has been requested by Hardship Fund of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc, that was helping me, a Nazi victim, obtain compensation from the German government.

I was born in the city of Kharkov, USSR in 1937. After beginning of World War II, I evacuated with my family to the Ural region. We returned to Kharkov in October 1943. Because our home was destroyed, for the next 27 years, I have lived in the damp basement not built for residential occupancy. Poor living conditions caused severe rheumatoid arthritis.

    I knew that I was eligible for monetary compensation for my suffering but postponed requesting it for twenty five years because did not want to look back. It was too painful. Now, I am almost seventy years old retired senior citizen. My disease is in a very advanced stage - I am wheel chair ridden, totally and permanently disabled. I need to hire an aid for everyday help. That situation forced me to apply to the hardship fund for compensation. I did receive a one time check two months ago, thanks to you. I greatly appreciate your assistance.


Irene Ost

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