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True Stories

Proof of being born
Archivist confirms an entry from 1930 census records
This is a story of how NARA helped Alice Rose find her birth records.

Alice RoseAlice (Thibodaux) Rose, a young at heart ninety-year-old, asked her niece, Julie Hernandez, to help her obtain a birth certificate to "prove I was born before I die."

The Louisiana bureau of vital statistics rejected her marriage and baptismal certificates because of variations in the spelling of her and her mother's names, in both English and French. Alice's schools had no records, and social security records were not enough. Hernandez contacted the National Archives in Washington, DC. Connie Potter sent her a copy of an entry from the 1930 census, listing Alice and her family. Because of this Census record, state officials were able to issue a "delayed birth certificate." Alice says she now feels "complete."

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