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True Stories

Archived medical records, award disability compensation
NARA helps an air force retiree obtain compensation benefits
Here's Stanley Seymour's story of how NARA helped him obtain compensation benefits.

Wendy Hollingsworth and Stanley SeymourWendy Hollingsworth of the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis was approached by Stanley Seymour, an air force retiree, at a VFW National convention.

He said his medical file had somehow gotten lost, and he needed it now to seek disability benefits for hearing loss, and back and knee injuries incurred while in service. He had seen his medical file at the hospital, but the hospital officials said they returned it to the NPRC.

Hollingsworth, a 34-year old NARA employee, suspected the record had been mistakenly included among one of several shipments of other kinds of medical records that the same hospital had sent to the NPRC, and she was right! Eventually, she found it.

Later, Seymour called to thank her because he was awarded 40% disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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