National Archives at Chicago

Services For Members of Congress

We provide a number of services to help Senators and Representatives manage their records.

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Members of Congress in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota:
Contact Us in Chicago, Illinois

Members of Congress in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan:
Contact Us in Dayton, Ohio

Courtesy Storage

Our Federal Records Centers in Chicago and Dayton provide temporary storage for inactive records accumulated by Senators and Representatives during their terms in Congress.

  • This service is provided without charge as a courtesy to ensure that Congressional papers receive care and protection.
  • To facilitate storage, we will provide the storage cartons in which to ship them to us.

Reference Services

As a Member of Congress, you always have access to your records stored with us:

  • Specific records are promptly retrieved and speedily returned when requested.
  • Records can be returned and refiled when your office is finished with them.

Briefings and Assistance

We can meet with your office staff to assist in organizing your files, preparing a File Plan, and establishing good records maintenance practices.

Advice Upon Leaving Office

Records created by Federal agencies belong to the American people. But papers of Senators and Representatives belong to the individual legislator. Because they are personal property, they must be removed from our facilities within 90 days of the Member leaving office.

  • We make the process of withdrawing your papers smooth and simple. We can assist in depositing your papers in the repository of your choice.