National Archives at Chicago

Services for the Public

Genealogy & Historical Research

  • The Chicago, Illinois facility has extensive microfilm holdings of value for genealogy research, including Federal population censuses, military service records, and selected passenger arrival lists.   View Our Holdings
  • We also have more than 140,000 cubic feet of historical records dating from 1800 to the 1980s. Among subjects of local interest are: the Great Lakes and inland waterways, Native Americans, the environment, immigration and naturalization, inventions and technology, railroads, the automotive industry, and domestic conditions during World Wars I and II.   Learn More About the Archives

Bankruptcy and Court Records Research

The location of these services depends on the information you seek.

  • Bankruptcy and Court Records
    Access to bankruptcy, civil, and criminal case files from Federal district and bankruptcy courts in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio (except those noted below), and Wisconsin is available through our Chicago office.
  • Bankruptcy Courts Since 1991
    Access to corporate and personal case files from the Southern and Northern Districts of Ohio bankruptcy courts since 1991 are available through our Dayton office.