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History Hub

A support community for history enthusiasts, researchers, citizen archivists, family historians, and archival professionals.

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What is the History Hub?

History Hub is a crowdsourcing platform for American history. It is a place to share information, work together, and find people based on their experience and interests. Subject matter experts from the National Archives and Records Administration as well as other experts, history enthusiasts, and citizen archivists are available to help with your research.

What can I do with History Hub?

The History Hub offers tools like discussion boards, blogs, and community pages to bring together experts and researchers interested in American history. Think of it as a one-stop shop for crowdsourcing information related to your research subject.

Why is the National Archives conducting a pilot of History Hub?

The National Archives aims to connect with and better serve customers interested in the historic records we hold. We are launching the History Hub as a pilot project so that we can test its usefulness as a crowdsourcing platform. We hope to apply what we learn to a longer-term solution that can be used by federal government agencies and other interested organizations looking to expand public participation.


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