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Ready to start tagging and transcribing? We've curated these topical missions to help you jump in and contribute! Click on a topic that interests you, and it will bring you right to those historical records in our Catalog. Tagging and transcribing makes these records more accessible to everyone. New missions are added and updated regularly, so check back often to see what’s new.

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Outside the Box Missions

Up for a challenge or something different? We often have records that require special work in order to make them more accessible. 

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Chinese Heritage

Chinese Heritage

Help us transcribe and tag records related to the Chinese Exclusion Era. We need your help transcribing these immigration records and tagging very specific details that will help provide greater access to these records. Please read the instructions on the mission page carefully and begin contributing.

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JFK Assassination Records Collection

JFK Assassination Records Collection

Most of the records from the JFK Assassination Records Collection are open for research, and a portion of them are now available for online access in the National Archives Catalog. 

Several missions have been created featuring records from this collection. Visit the mission page to get started transcribing.

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Transcriber Task Force

Transcriber Task Force

Seeking expert transcribers! We’ve gathered records that have tricky elements for our expert transcribers. You may find only a few pages that are difficult or the whole record. If you’d like to join our Transcriber Task Force and get emails for special projects, send us an email

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1950 Census Transcription Projects

The 1950 Census is here! We're looking for help transcribing the initial name index for the 1950 Census. While you can transcribe any name or any page within the 1950 Census, we've identified several specific areas where we'd like your help transcribing.

Help refine the 1950 Census name index!


Featured Records

Jump in and help us transcribe these individual records. Documenting events throughout United States history, transcribers of all skill levels are sure to find something new and interesting in these featured records!​


  • Card from Mr. Joyce C. Hall to Former President Harry S. Truman Transcribe this record.
  • Letter from Harry S. Truman to Mrs. G. P. Gaby, with Attached Newspaper Clipping Transcribe this record.
  • General Records of the Department of State, Central Decimal Files, Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of the Ukraine: 860E.00/131 THRU 860E.01/238: 1940-1944 Transcribe this record.
  • Correspondence Between Former President Harry S. Truman and William Nichols Transcribe this record.
  • Records of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Gemini VII Air-to-Ground Transcript Volume I Transcribe this record.
  • Statement by Attorney General Nicholas deB. Katzenbach before the House Judiciary Committee on the proposed Voting Rights Act of 1965 Transcribe this record.
  • Records of Headquarters, European Theater of Operations, United States Army (World War II), Administrative History Files, 237: Ordnance - Statistics Transcribe this record.
  • United States of America vs. Telesfor Chelskowsky Transcribe this record.



  • United States v. Charles Miller Manson Transcribe this record.
  • United States of America vs. James W. Lewis, also known as Robert Richardson, Filings, Orders, and Opinions Transcribe this record.
  • Orders - Military Increment to the British Embassy, Rome, September - November 1947 Transcribe this record.
  • Official Military Personnel File for Ernest L. Wrentmore Transcribe this record.
  • Despatches from U.S. Ministers to Japan, 1855-1906, Aug. 3, 1880 - Jan. 22, 1881 Transcribe this record.
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Athens, Greece, 1837-1906, Despatches: July 1, 1890 - November 28, 1898 Transcribe this record.
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Osaka and Hiogo (Kobe), Japan, 1868-1906, Despatches: Volumes 11 - 12: May 6, 1901 - May 20, 1905; September 27, 1905 / Despatches: Liege: Volume 6 (part): June 6, 1905 - July 26, 1906 Transcribe this record.
  • Records of the National Park Service, 1785 - 2006, Central Subject Files, 1919 - 1981, C34 Santa Fe Railway Transcribe this record.
  • M179 - Miscellaneous Letters of the Department of State, 1789-1906, January 3, 1806 - December 31, 1807 Transcribe this record.
  • Despatches from U.S. Ministers to the Italian States, 1832-1906, Italy: Apr. 15-Dec, 27, 1899 Transcribe this record.


  • Bronze Star Medal Recommendations Oct 1944 - June 1945 Transcribe this record.
  • General Records of the Department of State, 1763 - 2002, Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Liverpool, England, 1790-1906, Despatches: July 1 - December 23, 1863 Transcribe this record.
  • Records of the Department of State, Reports of the Deaths of American Citizens Transcribe this record.
  • 1910-1920: Incoming Miscellaneous Executive Bureaus: Fuel Administration, 03/09/1918 To Railroad Administration, 11/15/1919 Transcribe this record.
  • Bankruptcy Act of 1898 Dockets, 1898 - 1979, Reading Company, 1971 Transcribe this record.
  • Logbooks of Ships and Shore Installations, 1948-1972, USCGC Eastwind (WAG-279/WAGB-279), January 1956 - December 1956 Transcribe this record.
  • Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793 - 1999, District Files: Northern: 1908 - 1911 Transcribe this record.
  • General Index to Appointments, 7/1932 - 6/1935, General Index Book 1 Transcribe this record.
  • Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Athens, Greece, 1837-1906, Despatches: January 16, 1898 - June 30, 1904 Transcribe this record.

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