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Ready to start tagging and transcribing? We've curated these topical missions to help you jump in and contribute! Click on a topic that interests you, and it will bring you right to those historical records in our Catalog. Tagging and transcribing makes these records more accessible to everyone. New missions are added and updated regularly, so check back often to see what’s new.

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Outside the Box Missions

Up for a challenge or something different? We often have records that require special work in order to make them more accessible. 

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NASA Space Flight Programs

Within the archival film holdings from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at the National Archives, you will find moving images relating to NASA space flight programs, including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and the joint United States-Soviet Union program Apollo-Soyuz.

This incredible series of films includes footage of rigorous training exercises, mock run-throughs, launches, parachute and spacecraft recovery, and other astronaut activities, all detailing the meticulous steps involved in mission preparation and space exploration.

Help tag descriptive details within these NASA films relating to space flight programs. You can tag names of astronauts, locations, launches, and even machinery and equipment shown within each film. Every tag helps makes these records more searchable.

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Transcriber Task Force

Transcriber Task Force

Seeking expert transcribers! We’ve gathered records that have tricky elements for our expert transcribers. You may find only a few pages that are difficult or the whole record. If you’d like to join our Transcriber Task Force and get emails for special projects, send us an email

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African American Civil War Soldiers

Give voice to American soldiers and help transcribe records from the National Archives on the Zooniverse platform:

  • The American Soldier: Transcribe this remarkable collection of more than 65,000 handwritten reflections by U.S. soldiers who fought during the Second World War.
  • African American Civil War Soldiers: Transcribe military records of over 200,000 African Americans soldiers who fought for their freedom in the American Civil War.

Featured Records

Jump in and help us transcribe these individual records. Documenting events throughout United States history, transcribers of all skill levels are sure to find something new and interesting in these featured records!​



  • Petition for Writ of Certiorari - Number 676 - Kameny v. Brucker Transcribe this record.
  • Civil War Prize Case Files, 1861 - 1865, United States vs. A. D. Vance Transcribe this record.
  • Public Law 87-14: An Act Making Supplemental Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1961, and for Other Purposes, 3/31/1961 Transcribe this record.
  • Letter from Senor Don Enrique Dupuy de Lôme to Senor Don Jose Canelejas, 1898 Transcribe this record.
  • United States of America, as Guardian of the Indians of the Pueblo of Santa Clara, in the State of New Mexico v. Santiago Abeyta, et al.: Final Decree, 6/25/1931 Transcribe this record.
  • "Operation Pierce Arrow, 8/1964, 2 of 2," Vietnam Country File, NSF, Box 228 Transcribe this record.
  • Project History Columbia Basin Project, First Stage Development (Low-Dam Power Project), 1934 Transcribe this record.
  • Personnel Files of Notable Treasury Employees, 1822 - 1940, Whitman, Walt Transcribe this record.
  • Collender, Hugh W. v. Came, John E., et al. Transcribe this record.
  • Folder, "Memos, [Cables, memos, reports, and other material, 11/63-5/67] Vol. XV, 8/1964," Vietnam Country File, NSF, Box 7 Transcribe this record.


  • Interrogation Reports, 1941 - 1945, Material dealt with   Transcribe this record.
  • Records of the Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Correspondence, Juneau 1938-49 Transcribe this record.
  • Return Certificate Case File of Chinese Departing -- Look Tin Eli (12017/11150) Transcribe this record.
  • Bounty Land File of John B. Ellis, Captain Henderson's Company of Alabama Volunteers Transcribe this record(Scanned by Citizen Archivists in the Innovation Hub!)
  • Approved Pension File for Terrick Compton, Father of Private William Compton, Company H, 2nd New York Cavalry Regiment Transcribe this record. (Scanned by Citizen Archivists in the Innovation Hub!)
  • United States v. Albert Bates, Transcript of Record, 10/13/1934 Transcribe this record.
  • John F. Tinker et. al. v. The Des Moines Independent Community School District et. al. Transcribe this record.
  • Correspondence regarding witness filed in the U.S. Attorneys' Records on Spiro T. Agnew Transcribe this record.
  • 1351: William Christy, Assignee of Daniel Walden v. The City Bank of New Orleans Transcribe this record.
  • "Presidential Decisions-Gulf of Tonkin Attacks of August 1964-Volume II, Tabs 18-22," NSC Histories, NSF, Box 38 Transcribe this record.
  • Approved Pension File for Mary J. Matthews, Widow of 1st Lieutenant John P. Matthews, Company C, 30th Iowa Infantry Regiment (WC-56842) Transcribe this record. (Scanned by Citizen Archivists in the Innovation Hub!)


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