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Use the Federal Register Online

The Federal Register is available online at the Government Printing Office.

Follow these steps to read the notices and regulations described in NARA's Opportunities for Public Comment:

  1. Copy down the date and page number for the NARA notice or regulation you want to read.

  2. Go to Federal Register Online via GPO Access. You may wish to bookmark this page for future use. You can also access it from the Federal Register.

  3. Scroll down the page to find the Federal Register input check boxes.

  4. In the "Federal Register Volume" options, check the box for the most current volume.

  5. In the "Federal Register Sections" options:

    • To see a records schedule or information collection notice, check the box for Notices. (Do not click on the link for "Notices.")

    • To see a proposed rule, check the box for Proposed Rules. (Do not click on the link for "Proposed Rules.")

    • To see a final rule or an interim rule, check the box for Final Rules and Regulations. (Do not click on the link for Final "Rules and Regulations.")

  6. In Issue Date select the radio button for "ON" and enter the date of the notice or regulation in the input box provided. Use this format for the date: mm/dd/yyyy

  7. In Search Terms: enter the page number as "page [page number]". You must type the quotation marks and the word "page."

    A sample search input looks like this:    "page 12345"

  8. Click on the SUBMIT button.

A Federal Register search results list will show all of the documents that appear on the page number you entered.

From the list, locate the NARA document title and click on a format to read the content. Formats include "Text" for .txt files, "HTML" for .html files, or "PDF" for .pdf files. A Summary may also be available.