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Public Internet Web Site Publication Priorities and Schedules

Our priorities and schedules for making National Archives information available and accessible on our public internet are as follows:

Priority 1, as required by law, regulation, Presidential directive, or other official directive or national security:

  • Agency reports and plans including Strategic Plans, Customer Service Plans, Annual and Performance Reports, Performance and Accountability Reports, FAIR Act reports, and NOFEAR Act Reports
  • Privacy and accessibility notices
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reading room
  • Links to, and other required destinations

Priority 2, mission-critical and essential for program operations but not required by law, regulation, or Presidential directive (i.e.: information or services tied directly to NARA's mission and/or strategic plan):

  • Guides identifying and locating archival records
  • Interfaces to databases identifying and locating archival records
  • Interfaces to electronic records and digital copies of records
  • Records management guidance
  • Job vacancy announcements
  • Grants announcements and project reports
  • Procurement Requests for Price (RFP) / Requests for Quote (RFQ)
  • Information about major initiatives
  • Resources supporting archival research and processes as available through our Archives Library Information Center

Priority 3, frequently requested information or services that would improve organization business processes and/or customer service to the public:

  • Customer-centric orientation to information and services
  • Publications and Calendar of Events
  • Museum exhibits
  • Forms and other "contact us" methods facilitating public requests for information and services
  • Press releases and press kits
  • Archival records preservation guidance
  • Archives use and records request guidance for genealogists/family historians and veterans
  • Lesson plans and other teaching materials
  • Guidance and resources for information security professionals
  • Resources for archives professionals

Priority 4, other information:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other information intended to supplement or further explain information presented in more detail elsewhere on the site
  • Site maps and other web site navigational aids

All content noted above currently exists on our public internet except for "customer-centric orientation to information and services" (priority 3).

Information is posted to our web site as soon as it is ready, unless a deadline applies in which case the information is posted on or before the deadline.

If you have comments about our web publication priorities or schedules, please contact us.

Our web site is accessible to persons with disabilities, per requirements under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d), as amended by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (P.L. 105-220), August 7, 1998.