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This form should be completed by a Federal agency staff member who needs an Electronic Records Archives (ERA) account. When you submit the form, a copy of the information will be sent to the ERA Accounts staff, who will confirm your request with the ERA Account Manager at your agency. After this confirmation, ERA staff will create your account and contact you with your user name and password.

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Electronic Records Archives (ERA) Rules of Behavior Agreement

I understand, when using ERA system resources, I will be held accountable for my actions related to the information resources entrusted to me. I further understand that I must:

  • Protect sensitive information from disclosure to unauthorized individuals or groups
  • Protect information security through effective use of my user ID and password
  • Protect my password from disclosure
  • Report security violations and vulnerabilities to the proper authorities
  • I understand my responsibilities and will comply with the Rules of Behavior for the ERA system.