Contests at the National Archives


I Found It in the National Archives!

In the summer of 2011, the National Archives asked researchers to share their stories of personal and professional discovery in the stacks. "I Found It in the National Archives" was inspired by the Society of American Archivists's nationwide "I Found it the Archives" contest, with a focus on experiences in NARA's own research rooms. The contest closed and the winner was announced on September 16, 2011 on the project Tumblr blog.

History Happens Here

The National Archives' first-ever online photo contest invited participants to capture an historic image from the expansive online still picture holdings of the National Archives within the frame of the current landscape. Such images, called “mash-ups,” reflect the past within the present. This unique approach augments reality and combines the old with the new in the same frame, combining elements of a past time within the everyday world. The contest closed January 21, 2011, with winners posted on the project Flickr page.