Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

Registry: Critical Infrastructure-Physical Security

Proprietary-Source Selection

Category-Subcategory Practices

Category-Subcategory: Proprietary-Source Selection
Category Description:

Material and information relating to, or associated with, a company's products, business, or activities, including but not limited to financial information; data or statements; trade secrets; product research and development; existing and future product designs and performance specifications.

Subcategory Description: Per FAR 2.101: any of the following information that is prepared for use by an agency for the purpose of evaluating a bid or proposal to enter into an agency procurement contract, if that information has not been previously made available to the public or disclosed publicly: (Items 1-10).
Abbreviated Marking: SSEL
Designating Authorization: All agencies may designate
Category-Subcategory Type:

Specified - Safeguarding, Marking and/or Dissemination measures that differ from standard CUI guidelines are required by statute, regulation, or government-wide policy.

Marking and Handling Instructions:
  • Reference the CUI Marking Handbook for instructions on format and placement of marking.
  • Reference CUI Supplemental Guidance for instructions on Safeguarding, Marking and Dissemination practices.
  • Reference individual Safeguarding and Dissemination authorities for instructions on Specified handling practices, if applicable.
  • Users are reminded to reference agency policy regarding agency-specific guidelines for CUI.

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