Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

CUI Registry: Critical Infrastructure-Water Assessments


Category-Subcategory: Critical Infrastructure-Water Assessments
Category Description:

Systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital that the incapacity or destruction of such may have a debilitating impact on the security, economy, public health or safety, environment, or any combination of these matters, across any Federal, State, regional, territorial, or local jurisdiction.

Subcategory Description: Vulnerability Assessments on the risks and security of public drinking water systems, to include, but not be limited to, a review of pipes and constructed conveyances, physical barriers, water collection, pretreatment, treatment, storage and distribution facilities, electronic, computer or other automated systems which are utilized by the public water system, the use, storage, or handling of various chemicals, and the operation and maintenance of such system.
Marking: WATER




  • Whether CUI is Basic or Specified is determined by the applicable Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority for that CUI.
  • Each "Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority" citation links to the statute, regulation or government-wide policy authorizing the control of that information as CUI.
  • Each "Sanctions" authority links to the statute, regulation or government-wide policy that includes penalties for CUI misuse of CUI for the associated "Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority" on the same line.


Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority Basic or
42 USC 300i-2(a)(5) Basic 42 USC 300i-2(a)(6)



Authority links are updated based on regular re-publication of the United States Code and Code of Federal Regulations, and the CUI Registry maintenance schedule.