Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

Registry: Financial-Commodity


Category-Subcategory Practices

Category-Subcategory: Financial-Commodity
Category Description:

Related to the duties, transactions, or otherwise falling under the purview of financial institutions or United States Government fiscal functions. Uses may include, but are not limited to, customer information held by a financial institution.

Subcategory Description: Per 7 USC 1(a): related to the listed items in the Act and "and all services, rights, and interests ... in which contracts for future delivery are presently or in the future dealt in.
Abbreviated Marking: PLACEHOLDER
Marking and Handling Instructions:
  • General Guidelines apply for Safeguarding, Marking, Dissemination and Decontrol.
  • Reference individual Safeguarding and Dissemination authorities for control citations.

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Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority Sanctions
7 USC 6c(a)