Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

CUI Registry: Immigration-Battered Spouse or Child


Category-Subcategory: Immigration-Battered Spouse or Child
Category Description:

Related to admission of non-US citizens into the United States and applications for temporary and permanent residency.

Subcategory Description: Related to information within applications and associated hearings provided by, or that could identify, a battered spouse or child of a US citizen or US permanent resident seeking independent protected status within the United States.
Marking: BATT




  • Whether CUI is Basic or Specified is determined by the applicable Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority for that CUI.
  • Each "Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority" citation links to the statute, regulation or government-wide policy authorizing the control of that information as CUI.
  • Each "Sanctions" authority links to the statute, regulation or government-wide policy that includes penalties for CUI misuse of CUI for the associated "Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority" on the same line.


Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authority Basic or
8 USC 1367(a)(2) Basic 8 USC 1367(c)
8 USC 1375a(c) Basic 8 USC 1375a(d)(5)



Authority links are updated based on regular re-publication of the United States Code and Code of Federal Regulations, and the CUI Registry maintenance schedule.