Stack of messy papers strewn in random directions with some text on the papers. Each piece of paper is marked with one of the following markings in bolded black print across the bottom of the page: LOU, FOUO, SBU. The label Agency-centric Approach with SBU Practices is printed across the front. Users can remove the top sheet of paper to reveal a similar stack of papers with the marking LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive), in a different font, across the bottom of each page and the following text: For example: Under the current agency-specific system of marking, the multiple designations for LES can be confusing. At least 4 agencies use this marking, each having its own directive on sharing and handling. When this information is disseminated, the user lacks consistent guidance on proper sharing and protection. Users can remove the second sheet of paper to reveal a single sheet of paper marked “Universal CUI Markings” and the following text: Using standardized CUI markings fosters sharing and protection. These specific markings will have the same meaning wherever used. Information on specific markings can be found in subsequent training. Do not begin using CUI markings until you are instructed to do so.