Screenshot of the Content Screen of the courseware. Main Menu: Selecting this exits the lesson and returns you to the Main Menu, where you can navigate to other courses and/or lessons. Course Map: Selecting this launches a display that allows you to move to any topic within the course. Glossary: Selecting this displays the Course Glossary, where you will find definitions of words used in the course. Resources: Selecting this opens a window that displays a list of references. Navigation: Select the Navigation button to access information about navigating through the course. Exit: Selecting this exits the courseware and closes the browser window. Page Title: To help you keep track of where you are within the course, the page title is displayed at the top of each page. Page Numbers: The page numbers show you where you are within a lesson. Prompt Area: This area provides instructions for you as you navigate through the course. Look for instructions for the interactions in the course in this area. Back Arrow Button: The Back Arrow button (left arrow) allows you to move backward within a lesson. Next Arrow Button: The Next Arrow button (right arrow) allows you to move forward within a lesson. Underlined blue text: Underlined blue text is known as selectable text and links to additional information such as the glossary, resources, or external websites.