NARA and Declassification

Agenda Thursday, February 23, 2012

Public Interest Declassification Board

Location: Archives I
Adams Room
Executive Session

I. Welcome, Updates, Introductions (Comments from Ambassador Soderberg)

II. Transformation Tasking
  • Discussion of Report to the President and comments submitted by Members

Transformation Tasking
  • Board process to approve/finalize the Report
  • Timeline for delivery of the Report

Transformation Tasking
  • Strategy for publicizing the Report
    • Delivery to the White House
    • Discussions with Agencies and with public interest groups
    • Discussions with Congress
    • Other venues for public outreach and publicity
III. Working Lunch
  • Updates by Mr. Fitzpatrick
    • Visit from UK officials on Cabinet Office effort to transform
    • Update on technology research from NARA’s Advanced Search
      Committee and planning for a Vendor Day in April
IV. The Board’s Future Program – Blue Skies discussion
  • Developing an aggressive, two-year work plan
    • Thinking “Big” – potential areas for the Board to investigate, monitor, and advocate that will require a longer term planning
    • What is/are the continuing role/ambitions of the Board?
      • Advocating for a new framework for classification and/or declassification review processes in the digital environment?
      • Researching technologies and enterprise solutions?
      • Developing a framework for metadata standards?
      • Monitoring and reporting on implementation by agencies?
  • Additional advocacy for recommendations in the two Reports issued by the Board (2007, 2012)
    • Reforming the treatment of historical "FRD" information
    • Advocating for discretionary release of "younger" information
    • Allowing for the review of Classified Congressional records
    • Eliminating agency ownership/referrals for historical records
    • Providing continued recommendations (or monitoring) on the operations of the National Declassification Center
  1:30 – 3:30
V. Adjournment (Dinner to follow)

Meeting Agenda Friday, February 24, 2012

Location: Archives I

Washington Room

I. Breakfast

II. Finalizing the Board’s Future Program
  • Two-year aggressive work plan
    • Details of Board's continuing role and program based on the previous day's discussion

III. Legislative Affairs
  • Building a Legislative Proposal
  • Funding Requirements
    • Based on the next two-year work program
IV. Wrap up: Outcomes
  • Finalize Report to the President
  • Delivery strategy of the Report
  • Two-year aggressive work plan for the Board
  • Legislation: Reauthorization of the Board
  • Schedule of meetings based on the work plan of the Board
V. Adjournment (Dinner to follow)   12:00