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Centers Information Processing System (CIPS)

The Centers Information Processing System (CIPS) establishes an electronic link between records centers and customer agencies.

Recalling your agency's records via CIPS:

  • is the most cost effective and quickest method because it decreases mail time and NARA's processing time for retrieval
  • reduces the cost of transacting government business by sorting requests received into location order for prompt servicing
  • provides tracking capability for the requesting agency as well as the records center on individual requests

Apply for Access to CIPS

Follow the instructions below and a user ID and password will be issued to each user once the forms are received. Agencies will need to specify their record group numbers and any other records center for which access is required.

  1. Complete both of these forms:
    1. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Form 9957 (The VA is the Federal Records Center Programs' contractor for mainframe applications)
    2. CIPS Registration Form, NA Form 13166
  2. Mail the completed forms to:
    Joel Powell c/o NARA
    DFC Bldg 48
    P.O. Box 25307
    Denver, CO   80225

For additional information, see:

If you have questions, please contact us:

Request Files

Federal agencies can request the return of their records, excluding official personnel folders and employee medical folders via the World Wide Web or dial-out modem. You have a few options to request files if your agency is not using the CIPS program.

Mail or Commercial Carrier

Requesting files through the mail (U.S. Postal Service) or commercial courier (United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, etc) is encouraged for those agencies not using the CIPS program. Use a separate OF-11 or appropriate agency request form for each folder or box requested. Two or more contiguous file items, folders or cartons may be treated as one item and be requested on one OF-11. When making reference requests, agencies should always furnish the transfer number, agency box number, and the records center location number of the first box of the transfer. The OF-11 is a three-part form. The first part (white) of the OF-11 is used by the records center to service the request and remains with the file until it is returned for refiling. The second part (pink) is retained by the requesting agency for tracking and control purposes. The last part (yellow) is used by the records center as a charge out for the file/box until it is returned from the agency for refiling. Note: all parts of the online OF-11 are white. Contact GSA's Customer Supply Service to order OF-11 forms.


Agencies can e-mail requests by completing the forms and sending them directly to

Fax and Telephone

Agencies may fax emergency requests, during normal business hours, to the records center requesting immediate pick up. Be sure to identify the pick up time. Emergency requests are accepted by telephone if you do not have fax capability. Our fax number is (303) 407-5707. Agencies can call us at (303) 407-5700

Delivery of Requests to Agencies

U.S. Postal Service and/or UPS are the standard methods of delivering requests to agencies. If an agency wishes to have records delivered by overnight express courier, an account number must be provided. For metropolitan Denver customers, we offer same day service at competitive rates.

For more information please contact Steve Ludwig:

Telephone:   (303) 407-5700
E-mail:   Steve Ludwig


Emergency situations are those which require same day pick-up by the agency or use of overnight express courier. When employing this method, agencies must provide the name of the overnight express courier along with a billing account number, or the name of the agency's messenger who will be picking up the file and approximate time of pick-up in the &Remarks& section of the OF-11. Messengers will be required to provide photo ID and agency affiliation when arriving at the records center to pick up requested files.