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President Harris S. Truman

School Desegregation and Civil Rights Stories:
President Harry S. Truman

President Truman went considerably beyond the New Deal Administration and used his presidential powers to accomplish important changes in the arena of civil rights. He established a Committee on Civil Rights. The Committee's final report in 1947, To Secure These Rights, was the basis for the President's special civil rights message to Congress and for changes in federal policies. Although a conservative Congress thwarted Truman's desire to achieve significant civil rights legislation, he was able to use his presidential powers to accomplish some societal and policy important changes. Truman issued executive orders desegregating the armed forces and forbidding racial discrimination in Federal employment. He also used his authority to encourage the Justice Department to argue before the Supreme Court on behalf of plaintiffs fighting against segregation.

The Truman Library web site contains a wealthy of information and educational resources about the Truman Administration's efforts in the area of civil rights. The following are only a sampling.

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