"EHFA Electricity for All TVA"
"EHFA Electricity for All TVA"
By an unknown draftsman, ca. 1940
Pencil on tracing paper
12" x 9"
National Archives and Records Administration -- Southeast Region, Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority

"EHFA Electricity for All TVA"
Begun in 1933, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) built dams for flood control, planned reforestation, and brought hydroelectric power to the people of the Tennessee River Valley. The logo shown here was used by the Electric Home Farm Administration (EHFA), a part of the TVA that worked with manufacturers to provide low-cost, well-made appliances for families in rural communities within the Authority's jurisdiction. The emblem depicts humanity harnessing the power of electricity, providing "Electricity for All." It was to be displayed in stores and on appliances to alert consumers that items sold on the premises met EHFA standards.

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