"House and Plot Plan, Century Blvd Gardens Project, Los Angeles"
"House and Plot Plan, Century Blvd Gardens Project, Los Angeles"
By Floyd L. Henderson, June 22, 1935
Pencil on tracing paper
11" x 20"
National Archives and Records Administration - Pacific Region (Laguna Niguel), Records of the Farmers Home Administration

New Deal Planned Communities: Century Gardens Project, Los Angeles, California
As part of the effort to assist some of those unemployed by the Great Depression, several federal agencies under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal built experimental, planned communities, known as "new towns." One of the earliest of these efforts was coordinated by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). FERA set up state corporations that made loans to create small "garden" communities where unemployed families from cities would be resettled. They would be given a small furnished home, a parcel of land, seed, tools, and a few fruit trees. Families were expected to cultivate their plots and become self-supporting, eventually repaying the money invested by the government. The drawings shown here were designed for the Century Gardens Project in Los Angeles County, California. It is unclear from the accompanying documentation whether these plans were carried out.

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