"Sketch of Proposed City Center-Clinton, Tenn"
"Sketch of Proposed City Center-Clinton, Tenn"
By S.H. Gurnee for the Department of Regional Studies, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), January 20, 1944
Pencil on tracing paper
20" x 46 1/2"
National Archives and Records Administration--Southeast Region, Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority

World War II Boomtowns: Clinton, Tennessee
The Manhattan Project's effort at developing an atomic bomb meant establishing several top-secret sites throughout the United States. One of these, the Oak Ridge Laboratory in Tennessee, was located near the small town of Clinton. As workers moved to the Oak Ridge area, Clinton's population swelled. The hamlet grew from 4,000 to 7,500 in a few months. Traffic, housing, sanitation disposal, and lack of classroom space in schools became major headaches. Eventually, the town appealed to the state and Federal Government for assistance. One response was this plan for a new city center, drawn by S.H. Gurnee of the TVA. Gurnee's extensive scheme for renewal was never carried out.

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