"U.S. Post Office, Wichita Falls, Texas"
"U.S. Post Office, Wichita Falls, Tex."
By James Knox Taylor, architect, July 11, 1910
Watercolor and wash on board
23 3/4" x 19 3/4"
National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the Public Buildings Service

U.S. Post Offices: Wichita Falls, Texas
In 1898 architect James Knox Taylor began a 15-year tenure as Supervising Architect of the Department of the Treasury. A strong advocate of classical design, Taylor left his mark on hundreds of new federal buildings across the country. During his incumbency, the number of federal buildings authorized exceeded the total number of buildings erected since the United States became a nation. By Taylor's last year in office, the Treasury Department authorized 10 new buildings each month. Taylor's design for the U.S. Post Office in Wichita Falls, Texas conveyed a sense of great dignity and included intricate stone and iron work, recessed windows, and elegant archways. Taylor's design was based upon a grander one by Paul Cret and Albert Kelsey for the Pan American Union building located at Constitution Avenue and 17th Street, NW, in Washington, DC.

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