August 21: . . . Met a family of emigrants who have spent the last two months traveling in southwest Missouri. They do not like it at all down there . . .We passed another covered wagon stopped by the road, and those folks are on their way to Missouri. The whole country is just full of emigrants, going and coming.

August 29: . . . Parts of Nebraska and Kansas are well enough but Missouri is simply glorious. . . . The sky seems lower here, and it is the softest blue . . . It is a drowsy country that makes you feel wide awake and alive but somehow contented. . . There are masses of blackberries, and seedling peaches and plums and cherries, and luscious-looking fruits ripening in little trees that I don’t know, a lavishness of fruit growing wild. It seems to be free for the taking.

Excerpt from: ON THE WAY HOME, The Diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri, in 1894, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
© 1962, 1990 Little House Heritage Trust. Used with permission.