Online Exhibits

How to Book an Exhibit

Interested in booking an exhibition? NATES offers exhibits diverse in content, size, security, and scope that offer opportunities to a wide range of venues and reach a broad national audience. To promote a successful hosting plan, NATES offers a variety of services to each venue, including installation and display assistance; educational and programming materials; marketing and publicity materials; and packing and shipment information and assistance.

Once you have identified an exhibition, contact NATES staff at 816.268.8088. We can help you find a date that works for you, and walk you through the steps of reserving a date. We will place a hold on a date for up to 30 days. You will also need to submit an AAM Standard Facility Report for review by NATES staff. Once your facility report has been approved and you have confirmed your hosting date, NATES will issue an exhibition agreement.

Contact NATES staff at 816.268.8088 or with any questions.