"On the freights, He said...."

"On the freights. He said he quit high school after two years, hung around home for a couple of years, and then got work as general kitchen help in a hotel. He had just been fired from a job of this kind in Los Angeles where he had 'blown up' and 'told the cook off.' He carried a clean white shirt and was prepared to look for work when his money was completely gone. 'I don't know where I'll go. Huntin' for a job I guess. I didn't go home - I'm on the bum. These agency jobs; you gotta buy them and I ain' got the dough.' He talked about going to Redding, to Eugene, and to Seattle. He had $1.80. Yuba County, California."
By Rondal Partridge, April 13, 1940
National Archives and Records
Administration, Records of the National Youth Administration
(119-CAL-13) [VENDOR # 74]

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