“Running for Office” Web Site Design Drafts 1.0

January 22, 2008

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General Description

The art direction for these design concepts stems from a somewhat humorous concept. The idea is that at some point in Clifford Berryman's career, he somehow predicted that there would need to (someday in the distant future) exist a web site about him and his work. Using this remarkable foresight, he created a number of useful artifacts that were to be used in the web site's construction. He did this using the tools he had available at the time—different types of paper, rolls of tape, pens—anything lying around his work area. The artifacts he created then aged for decades. We—the creators of the web site—discovered these artifacts and put them to use as he had so brilliantly planned.

Technical Notes:

Links to Drafts:

  1. Main Introduction Page
  2. Exhibit Case Example
  3. Enlarge Image "Floating Window" Example
  4. "Table of Contents" Panel Expanded
  5. "Berryman Info" Panel Expanded