Frequently Asked Questions

Help with the 1940 Census Website

Having issues with the 1940 Census website?
You can also access the images from the 1940 Census through the National Archives Catalog.
Go to:  The National Archives Catalog, type in: 1940 Census population schedules - your town name (and/or county), your state, and ED (enumeration district).
For example, if you’re looking for someone in Wilson, Niagara County, NY, you would type in: 1940 Census population schedules, Wilson, Niagara County, New York, ED 32-160. (You can find the EDs from your search on the 1940 Census site. Many locations will have multiple EDs, and it works best if you search in the Catalog separately for each one.)

You can also access the 1940 Census free or charge through NARA's partner at United States Census, 1940 — This database is name searchable. You might need to register with the website (free) before searching.