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Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the FRC digitizes paper records for Federal Agencies!

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Planning your scanning project with the FRC

There are many things to think about when your agency is planning to scan a collection of records. This web site will help you consider some key questions about your records, your requirements, and your budget in order to help you plan your project. Your answers to these questions will help the FRC determine the cost estimate and estimated turnaround time of your scanning project. They will also help you focus on how to best manage your digitized records over time.

Why Should I Scan My Records?

Learn how scanning paper records can help your agency share and track records, prepare for disasters, respond to requests for information, salvage damaged records, protect paper originals, save money and space, and become more open and transparent.

How Will My Paper Originals Affect My Scanning Project?

Learn how factors such as the condition, specifications, security classification, location, and special handling requirements of your records will impact the cost and turnaround time of your scanning project.

How Will My Output Requirements Affect My Scanning Project?

Learn how factors such as color, resolution, indexing, image output format, usability, and hosting requirements will impact your project.

How Do I Get Started On A Scanning Project With The FRC?

Learn how to initiate a scanning project with the FRC, secure an estimate, get advice from our records management experts, issue a contract, and make payment.

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