Electronic Records Services

In the digital age, an increasing number of Federal records are being created in electronic format. The FRC is working to protect, preserve, store, and service e-records for Federal agencies. This page provides information on electronic services offerings, such as digital imaging, e-media storage, secure e-media destruction services and more. For more information on FRC electronic records services, please contact your local FRC Director.

Digital Imaging (Scanning)   E-Media Storage
Digital Imaging        E-Media Storage
Create scanned files of your agency's paper records.   Safeguard your agency's electronic media in the FRC's new Electronic Records Vault.
Digital Imaging   E-media Storage
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Electronic Media Destruction
SmartScan Electronic Document Delivery
Media Shredding        SmartScan
Electronic media shredding, degaussing and crushing/punching.   Get same day electronic delivery of your records via e-mail.
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